“Waiting but a Little Longer” by Carly White │ #SlowArt

A woman waits by a bus stop, temple bag in hand, believing her bus will arrive. The artist was inspired by President Russell M. Nelson’s 2018 commitment to build a temple in Russia, just two years after the government restricted missionary activities. One Russian member who commented on the temple announcement recalled their feelings at the time: "It was as if the Lord was yelling, ‘I love my Russian children. I’m here. Wait but a little longer.’“

Video 6 of 10 on the theme “Not Forgotten,” featuring work from the 12th International Art Competition, “All Are Alike unto God.”

View the full artwork and description here: https://history.churchofjesuschrist.org/museum/artcompetition/2022/entries/959

Tips for a #SlowArt experience:
- Begin with a slow breath in and out.
- Look slowly (watch this video on a loop several times or go to the link above to view the artwork).
- Be receptive to thoughts, emotions, and questions that come to you.
- Share your response in the comments.

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#TabChoir related music: “Slow Down” featuring Sissel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFe84U__kt8