Mothering My Family and My Community

“When my second baby, Welles, was born I was in the NICU staring into his fresh-from-heaven face. I could see so much wisdom and love from my Heavenly Father in those almond shaped eyes that, days earlier, had tipped the nurses off to a possible diagnosis of Down syndrome.

“I was terrified of the journey ahead with a child who might have needs I felt incapable to fulfill. The feelings were valid, and the fear of an unexpected diagnosis is rightfully stressful. But I was wrong about the doubts that I had in myself to be his mother.

“God knew exactly what he was doing placing Welles and me together.

“Those moments in the NICU were tender, the Spirit was strong, and at one point in that tiny little curtain-drawn space, I felt the Spirit tell me that Welles and I were meant to do a great work together. Since then, we have been a team—advocating for inclusion and love and working to open eyes to the worth of unique souls, like his. Together we have built a community of families who also have children with disabilities. I love these children with my whole heart and can literally see the love of my Heavenly Father in their eyes! Mothering to me is being a mom to my family and my community. I find so much joy and fulfillment mothering in the unique way Heavenly Father set up for me. I hope that through my advocacy work I can teach my children to stand tall and be a voice for all of God’s children.” —Oakley

This week as we near #MothersDay, join us in honoring women in all situations of life as they lift and love like Jesus Christ.


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