Rue’s Farewell (from The Hunger Games) - Y Not - BYU A Cappella Jam, 29 Apr 2022

Rue’s Farewell (from The Hunger Games) sung by Y Not at the BYU A Cappella Jam, 29 Apr 2022. Arrangement and lyrics by Benjamin and Daniel Phillips.

Media vita in morte sumus
(In the midst of our lives we die)
Nil desperandum, Christus nos liberavit
(Do not despair, Christ has freed us.)
Mors crudelissimis, natura non contristatur
(Death is the cruelest of all, nature does not grieve us)
Sed laus Deo
(But praise be to God.)
Laus Deo in articulo mortis
(Praise be to God in the moment of death)
Deo confidimus, nos resurgere
(We trust in God that we shall rise again)
Nil igitur, mors est ad nos
(Death, then, is nothing to us.)
Memento mori, memento vivere
(Remember you will die, but remember to live!)
Ad altiora tendo, ad astra per aspera
(We strive towards higher things, through adversity toward the stars)
Ad vitam aeternam et requiem
(To eternal life and rest.)

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