Tracing Your Scottish Ancestors: Beyond the Basics, Part 2 (Reaching Further)

Have tartan blood? Stuck on the same government website and core records, finding yourself going around in circles? Scotland has some of the best records in the world, but many of them aren't in the obvious places and can be very different from the ones you may have used elsewhere. In this video, Tracing your Scottish Ancestors: Beyond the Basics, Part 2: Reaching Further, join Scottish regional licensing manager for Findmypast, Myko Clelland as we explore new, lesser-known sources for placing your ancestors and telling their story while discovering new ways to investigate the records you may already be familiar with.

This presentation explores where to look to go further than the civil registers and census in Scotland, both in date and scope. We'll discover parish documents and monumental inscriptions while questioning why expected church records might not appear, and where to look when that might occur, from Kirk sessions to documents of dissenting churches.

Tracing Your Scottish Ancestors, Part 1:

Tracing Your Scottish Ancestors, Part 3:

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