Write Away: Why Journaling Matters

Journaling is so important to help you share your story with past, present, and future generations. You have a responsibility to write your story. This video, Write Away: Why Journaling Matters, dives into the power of journaling. Angie Lucas, a magazine editor, content marketer, freelance writer, and author of children’s literature, shares why journaling is an important practice for everyone.

She talks about having confidence in writing your story and sharing your unique perspective. Each of us had a 1 in 400 trillion chance of being born, and yet here we are. We are all so important and have an exciting story to share.

Angie talks about her cousins journaling to help her and future generations remember her Grandpa Bob. The memories her cousins shared help her remember her grandpa better, but also learn new realizations about her cousins.

She outlines 3 important things to keep in mind to help inspire you to journal and to help make you better at journaling:

00:00 Introduction
7:32 Vision: This is understanding that no one else sees the world exactly how you do. You have an individual perspective. It can help to start by writing about someone who you love.
11:22 Voice: What you say is so much more important than how you say it so use your voice and write how you talk. Something to keep in mind while journaling is showing, not telling, by writing with the 5 senses.
15:44 Value: This is believing that what you are writing about carries value. Journaling has so many benefits outside of passing along stories. It can improve your mental health, which is so awesome!

A tip Angie offers is to use journal prompts. The prompt can help you develop your vision, find your voice, and add value!

What one of her three tips for good journaling will you use in your journal?

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