Temple Blessings | Robert D. Hales | 2005

The blessings of temple ordinances are sacred and eternal, essential for us individually and as families. Prepare now to make—and keep—temple covenants.

This speech was given on November 15, 2005.

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"It is a joy to be here at the Brigham Young University devotional. As you know, this is a very special place of learning. While you are at Brigham Young University, you are learning and preparing for your future—to support yourselves spiritually and temporally; to establish a means for providing for your families; and to use your time, talents, and other resources to serve the Lord and lift and strengthen His children.

I have pondered many subjects to teach during this devotional and have been impressed to talk about the importance of temple preparation and of having an eternal perspective during our mortal probation here on earth. The temple endowment blessings are as essential for each of us as was our baptism. For this reason we are to prepare ourselves that we may be clean to enter into the temple of God. Temple work is an opportunity to perform our personal endowments and covenants for the living and also perform these same ordinances for the redemption for the dead. It is for this reason we are instructed in the scriptures to build temples and prepare our lives to be worthy to partake of the sacred temple ordinances and covenants.

We have been taught in the scriptures that the personal worthiness required of us by the Lord to enter the temple and to take upon us the sacred covenants therein is one of the greatest blessings available to us in mortality. Then, after taking upon us the covenants in the temple, our obedience in living the covenants daily is a demonstration of our faith, love, devotion, and spiritual commitment to honor our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ and prepares us to live with Them in the eternities. The temple’s saving ordinances are essential to—and even the central focus of—the eternal plan of happiness.

Today I want to discuss the doctrine of the temple, the effects of the temple doctrine in your life, and the ways that you can prepare yourselves—and, we hope, your eternal companions can prepare themselves—to partake of the full blessings of the holy temple in mortality and in eternal life.

The Temple Doctrine
We need to acquire a testimony and a reverent feeling of the temple being the house of the Lord. The temple is truly a place where you are “in the world and not of the world.” When you are troubled and when you have crucial decisions that weigh heavily on your mind and soul, you can take your cares to the temple and receive spiritual guidance.

To preserve the sanctity of the temple so that the temple may be kept pure and to invite the Spirit to bless those who enter the holy temple for their ordinances and covenants, we are taught that no unclean thing should enter the temple. Reverence in the temple is a vital element in inviting the Spirit to reside within it every hour of every day.

When I was a boy my father brought me from Long Island, New York, to walk on the Salt Lake Temple grounds in Salt Lake City, to touch the temple, and to discuss the importance of the temple in my life. It was on that occasion that I made up my mind that someday I would return to enter the temple and receive the ordinances of the temple.

When your dating relationship is getting serious and you are contemplating marriage, going to the temple grounds is a great place for a date with your future eternal companion to discuss your plans together. It is very important to know the heart and mind of your future eternal companion’s desire to be worthy to go to the temple and always keep their temple covenants—enduring to the end.

The temple is a sacred edifice, a holy place where essential saving ceremonies and ordinances are performed to prepare us for exaltation. It is important that we gain a sure knowledge that our preparation to enter the holy house and our participation in these ceremonies and covenants are some of the most significant events we will experience in our mortal lives.

Throughout history, in every dispensation of time, the Lord has commanded prophets that temples should be built so that His people could receive temple ordinances..."