Immigration and the Homestead Act: Finding Your Ancestors

This session, Immigration and the Homestead Act: Finding Your Ancestors, is brought to you by the Department of the Interior:
The Homestead Act of 1862 allowed individuals to claim 160 acres of American public domain land for free, as long as they lived and farmed on it for five years. From 1863 through 1986, millions of individuals from across the world staked their claim to “the American Dream” under this law. Many immigrant groups established ethnic homestead communities—and because of the requirements to file claims, extensive records including vital records, immigration records, military service records, and legal records were kept for every single one of these homestead claims.

This session will teach attendees about the role the Homestead Act played in immigration, provide information about ethnic homesteading settlements, and how to find and utilize Homestead Land Entry Case Files and the General Land Office Records.

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General Land Office Records:

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