Members of BYU Noteworthy speak to the group’s history, identity & purpose

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Noteworthy has reconnected with its roots. We have reconnected with that same heart and passion that founded and nurtured this group back in 2004. As tradition meets innovation, Noteworthy continues to find and own its unique voice. Noteworthy continues to create and sing with abandon! We hope to be ever-evolving, reinventing, and always pushing the musical envelope. But our ultimate focus remains constant: LOVE. As we see it, music is love. Love without conditions, without judgment, and without limitations. And that is what we hope to say with every note and every breath. You are known and you are loved.

BYU Noteworthy (2018-19)
Allie Gardner-Policky, Amy Geis-Lorsch, Anna Slezak, Cami Jones, Elizabeth Hughes, Kacey Sorenson, Lizzy Newbold, Maryn Smyth, Megan Ackerman

BYU Noteworthy (2019-20)
Aitana Alapa, Anna Slezak, Brittan Wawro, Grace Ibarra, Elizabeth Hughes, Lizzy Newbold, Maryn Smyth, Megan Ackerman, Tiffany Parker

BYU Noteworthy (2020-21)
Anna Slezak, Augustine Larsen, Brittan Wawro, Grace Ibarra, Elizabeth Hughes, Lizzy Newbold, Maryn Smyth, Megan Ackerman, Skylar Mertz, Tiffany Parker

Amy Whitcomb, artistic director

Producer/Directors: Amy Whitcomb, Ben Fales
Director of Photography, Editor, Colorist: Nick Sales (
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