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Oba Bonner is a member of the popular and musically talented Bonner family from Utah. He goes by the solo artist name O/B/A, and his hard work and dedication to his craft is contagious.
In this interview, Oba shares his experiences moving to Los Angeles as a 14-year-old to live with his older brother and follow his musical dreams.

Music has always been an innate part of Oba's life, and it's helped him overcome trials and transitions throughout his life. His mom's influence taught him to show up and not give up on anyone or anything. Oba's genuine love for his family and his faith is inspiring.

Oba served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in South Africa. While there, he picked up some new sounds that influences his music today. Through his Pop Hip Hop music, he's uplifted and inspired others to be there best and to reach for their dreams.

During this interview Oba performs two songs. One is a Christian song written by his older brother called ""He Smiles at Me."" It was written as if the person singing were there when the Savior suffered on the cross. Oba’s performance paints the picture of the Savior's mercy and love for us individually.

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