Anatomy of Invention by Larry L. Howell Larry L. Howell was professor of mechanical engineering when he presented this BYU Maeser Distinguished Faculty Lecture on...

Blake Peterson: Do We Really Believe?

In each of our lives, we will have to face the question, "Do I believe?" When this happens, we need to hold fast to what we already know is true.

Being in Tune: Minimizing Interference Beats by Rebecca Schroeder Rebecca Schroeder was acquisitions librarian and department chair of the Material Acquisitions Department in the Harold B....

Larry L. Howell: Anatomy of Invention

Applying the principles of inspiration, collaboration, and exploitation will help us to be successful innovators and lead us to make a positive...

"Without Compulsory Means" by Stephen W. Liddle Stephen W. Liddle was professor of information systems and academic director of the Kevin and Debra Rollins Center for...

Rebecca Schroeder- Being in Tune: Minimizing Interference Beats

Living righteously makes our lives more in tune with Jesus Christ.

Elder and Sister Renlund

Charity and unity build upon each other.

Sister Linda K. Burton: The Two Great Commandments

As we love God and our neighbors, we will better come to know God.

Sister Kristen Oaks: "If Ye Are Not One, Ye Are Not Mine"

We must be one with Christ, one with ourselves, one in our families, and one with our fellow men.

Sandra Rogers: Hidden in the Circle of His Will

Being one in charity with the Lord means extending His love to others.

Of Starfish and Destinies by Jeffery N. Bunker Jeffery N. Bunker was associate executive director of Student Academic and Advisement Services at Brigham Young University...

Jeffery Bunker: Of Starfish and Destinies

Our thoughts determine our character and our destiny. Because of this we need to clear our minds of unwanted thoughts.