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Was your ancestor a Mormon Missionary? is a great place to check to see if your ancestor served a mission between 1830 and 1930. It is so easy!!

Family Tree Lite by

Do you have a less desirable internet bandwidth and FamilySearch is running slow? Check out Family Tree Lite by FamilySearch and get up and...

Genealogy Games and Apps: BYU FHTL | Free Genealogy Help

Do you like Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy? Yes? Well, you are going to love this Family History website that includes Family Wheel of Fortune and...

Ancestors with Tasks: Family Tree App

Did you know that you can attach sources right from your Family Tree Mobile App? This is awesome.

Relatives Around Me - Family Tree Mobile App

Do you wonder how you are related to your friends, colleague, or even your spouse? The Family Tree now has a feature that easily lets you see your...

Friends Near Me - FamilyTree Mobile App

Want to see how you are related to your friends? You will need the FamilySearch Family Tree App for Android or Iphone.

North Carolina Genealogy Research: Post #3 Maps

NC county formation maps are now available at (Random Acts Of Genealogical Kindness). Also a link to so many other valuable NC...

North Carolina Genealogy Research: Post 2 - FamilySearch Catalog

Did you know that not all records are online and searchable? You can find more records and view image-only records by using the FamilySearch catalog.

North Carolina Genealogy Research: Post 1 - FamilySearch WIKI

Are you new to North Carolina Genealogy Research, or stuck and don't know where else to look for records? Check out this video to learn how he...

Descendancy Explorer Application by BYU Family History Laboratory | Free Genealogy HELP

Try out this new Descendancy Explorer to see how easy it is to find ancestors who might need ordinances. Here's the link...

Web Indexing on NEW Release

Did you know that just releeased their new web indexing program? It is awesome. Very user friendly.

Maryland Genealogy Records in the FamilySearch Catalog

Still can't find your ancestor in Maryland? Check out the FamilySearch Catalog to find records in books, microfilm, microfiche that haven't been...