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How ot add photos from Google Photos to FamilySearch Gallery | Free Genealogy HELP!

Did you know that you can add photos from Google Photos straight to your Gallery on FamilySearch? It's so easy.

Add Unconnected Person to | Free Genealogy HELP

Do you have a person you want to add to, but don't know how they are connected? Take a look at this video to learn how.

How to help for Italian Research using the FamilySearch WIKI

The FamilySearch WIKI is a wonderful tool to help with your Italian Research. Take a look at this short tutorial to see how to use it.

How to find Italian records using the FamilySearch Catalog

Did you know that the FamilySearch Catalog is a great place to look for more records? Take a look at this short tutorial to learn how to access...

How to find Italian indexed and digitized records on FamlySearch

Do you have Italian ancestors and want to find a record for them? FamilySearch has millions of indexed and image only records. Watch the video to...

Easy way to add reasons for editing in FamilySearch

Have you heard of Simplefill? This is a chrome extension that you set up to make adding reasons why you make changes to FamilySearch easier to...

Step 5: FamilySearch Land Records: How to find them

In this video, I explain how to find Land Records on FamilySearch using the Direct and Reverse Index. You will find more than ancestors selling...

Step 4: Tennessee Tax Records on FamilySearch

Check out this 12 min video to learn how to find tax records for your Tennessee on FamilySearch. These are currently not indexed, but you can...

Step 3: Find Probate records for your Tennessee Ancestors

Learn how to find probate records on for your early Tennessee ancestors.

Step 2: Find you Ancestors in Tennessee in the 1800s

This video focuses on finding your Tennessee ancestors in pre-1850 census records. You will be amazed at what you can glean from these older...

Step 1: Find your Ancestors in Tennessee in 1800s

This is Step 1 of How to find your ancestors in Tennessee in the 1800s. Step 2 will be available tomorrow. Happy Hunting!!

How to access our Tennessee event this week Sep 18-23!!

Want to attend our Tennessee event this week? Sometimes it can be confusing how to access an online event. Watch this short video to learn how.