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How to Search the discussion for your surname on a Facebook Page |Free Genealogy Help

Are you a member of a genealogy Facebook group or have just joined one? Did you know that you can search the discussion to see if anyone in the...

Facebook Shortcuts: How to Edit them | Free Genealogy Help

Do you have favorite FaceBook Pages that you use all the time and want a quick way to find them? It's so easy. All you do is edit the Shortcuts...

FamilySearch Gallery: See all the stories YOU added. |Free Genealogy Help

Did you know that you can see all of the stories you have added to your ancestors by signing into FamilySearch and going to the Gallery? You can...

Early US Tax Records: Break Your Brick Wall

Learn how to search for early tax records onn You will be amazed what you might learn about your ancestor.

FamilySearch Help Tips

Did you know that Help is at your fingertips on FamilySearch, you just need to look for a purple and white light bulb at the bottom right of each...

Consultant Planner on Recent update

Are you a Temple and Family History Consultant? FamilySearch added some new features and instructions about your calling.

FamilySearch Email: Request Ordinance | Free Genealogy HELP

Did you receive an email from FamilySearch titled "You've Received a name for the temple," and don't know what do to with it. Watch this video to...

How to access the Greek Event

Please watch this short video if you want to see how our Greek event will work this week. Hope to see you there.

New Genealogy Games on

The BYU Family History Technology Lab has created 5 new genealogy games. They have done an excellent job. Check it ou!!

How ot add photos from Google Photos to FamilySearch Gallery | Free Genealogy HELP!

Did you know that you can add photos from Google Photos straight to your Gallery on FamilySearch? It's so easy.

Add Unconnected Person to | Free Genealogy HELP

Do you have a person you want to add to, but don't know how they are connected? Take a look at this video to learn how.

How to help for Italian Research using the FamilySearch WIKI

The FamilySearch WIKI is a wonderful tool to help with your Italian Research. Take a look at this short tutorial to see how to use it.