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How to Add a Sibling on FamilySearch when you don't know the Parents | Free Genealogy Help

This is a short video on how to add a sibling to an ancestor in FamilySearch when you don't have the parents information.

FamilySearch Consultant Planner Update: Helper Resources | Free Genealogy Help

Have you tried to find the Consultant Planner and see Helper Resources now? It's still there, but new and improved. Watch the video to see the...

Ordinances Ready Update | Free Genealogy Help

Did you know that when you use Ordinances Ready on your phone, you can take your phone to the temple and have the cards printed from the QR code....

How to find recorded classes on | Free Genelaogy HELP

Are you looking for a FamilySearch class to help you in your research? Watch this short video to learn how!! These are a great resource!!

Best way to Create a FamilySearch Account for Children under 13 | Free Genelaogy Help

Take a look at this video to learn the best way to create a FamilySearch Account for children under the age of 13

How to add a video to a playlist if it's embedded in a website |Free Genealogy Help

Are you trying to add a video to a playlist on YouTube and you notice it is embedded in a website or blog? This quick video will teach you how to...

Ordinances Ready on FamilySearch Website Free Genealogy Help

FamilySearch released the feature Ordinances Ready on the FamilySearch Website. Now you can see Ordinances Ready on your Mobile App, or when you...

Changes Your FamilySearch Password | Free Genealogy Help

Do you need to change your FamilySearch password? Here's a quick way to do this.

How to see Files in Alphabetical Order in a Facebook Group| Free Genealogy Help

Are you looking for help with your Genealogy Research? Check out this video to see how to easily locate the country you are interested in by...

Finding Message Requests on Facebook | FreeGenealogyHelp

This video is specifically for new members of a FamilySearch Facebook Genealogy Research Community to learn how to find our Private Welcome message...

How to view your siblings on a FamilySearch Fan Chart | Free Genealogy Help

Do you want to view your siblings on a FamilySearch fan chart? It's super easy to do!!

New FamilySearch Fan Charts

FamilySearch has just released some new fan charts that will help you view your ancestors in a whole new way.