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Do you need help with your research? Hit a brick wall? Join a FamilySearch Facebook Group! You will be glad you did!

How to Find Research Resources List

This is a short video that shows how you can find research resources for the regions your ancestors lived in. Take a look, and happy hunting!!

"This Is Family" App by Scott Hill and Sarah Merkley

"This Is Family" is a new app designed for children or anyone new to Family History. You can download the app for Free on your IPad, IPhone, or...

Fan Chart View on your Mobile Device | Free Genealogy Help

Are you trying to view the fan chart from a mobile device? Take a look at this short video to see how to do this. Have fun

How to Set Up a Virtual Family History Center

It has almost been a year now since our family history center has closed. Our consultants are eager to help anyone who needs help. Check out this...

How to Join a Facebook Room

Are you a member of a Facebook group and want to join a virtual Room? Click on this video to learn how easy it is.

How to Share Your Computer Audio in a Microsoft Teams Meeting |Free Genealogy Help

Do you want to share a video clip or some other audio from your computer in a Microsoft Teams Meeting? Take a look at this short video to see how...

How to get HELP on

Did you know that FamilySearch has a NEW little help button on their website? It makes it so much easier to find answers to your questions. Watch...

How to Find the Research Resource Files on our FamilySearch Genealogy Facebook Communities

We have created amazing Research Resource Files for many countries all over the world. Take a look at this short video to learn how to find these.

How to Search the Discussion for Your Surname in a Facebook Genealogy Group

Did you know that you can search the discussion of a genealogy group to see if anyone has posted about your ancestor since the Facebook group was...

How to Add Your Surname to a FamilySearch Facebook Surname List

Are you stuck and want to connect with another member of a genealogy facebook group? For our FamilySearch communities, we have surnames lists...

How to see your Private Welcome Message

When you join one of our FamilySearch Facebook Genealogy Communities, we send you a private message. If you haven't seen it, watch this video to...