Peter Hollens

Lord of the Rings - Council of Elrond

Lord of the Rings really has the BEST soundtrack, right? I love singing these songs!!

The 12 Days of Christmas but it's CHAOS

Tried to sing a normal Christmas carol but everything went wrong...

Best Christmas Duet

My lovely wife @Evynne Hollens and I just had to cover one of the most powerful Christmas songs ever — Happy Christmas (War is Over) by John Lennon!

Best New Christmas Carol/Song for 2021

An ORIGINAL Christmas Carol I wrote with Anna Gilbert and Mat Shaw! What do y'all think? I'm so proud of it ❤️ Join me on Patreon:...

Teach Your Children (Feat. Tim Foust)

The greatest song of the 70s… and who better to sing it with than the incredible @Tim Foust?? ❤️ Join me on Patreon:...

This is Halloween

I've gotten HUNDREDS of requests for this iconic Halloween classic... is this version SPOOKY enough for ya??

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Medley

The Force is strong with this medley

How to Sing The Wellerman Sea Shanty #shorts

You KNOW I had to give Wellerman a try!! #shorts #PHshorts Join me on Patreon:

Lord of The Rings - Aragorn and Arwen's Love Story

This is the first ever Elvish translation for Sleepsong!! Pretty useful right??

Can you guess the Disney Song? | Peter Hollens #shorts

How long did it take you to guess the song? comment with your guess time below! Join me on Patreon: #PHshorts...

Down To The River To Pray Hymn

Always a pleasure to sing alongside @The Hound + The Fox and @Evynne Hollens! Just dipping your feet in the water while singing makes a world of...

Layered Harmonies How I make my music | Peter Hollens #shorts

How do you like this new format of #shorts? Which song would you like to see me do next? I was inspired to cover this song written originally by...