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This is Halloween

I've gotten HUNDREDS of requests for this iconic Halloween classic... is this version SPOOKY enough for ya??

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Medley
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  • 3 weeks ago
  • 04:02

The Force is strong with this medley

How to Sing The Wellerman Sea Shanty #shorts

You KNOW I had to give Wellerman a try!! #shorts #PHshorts Join me on Patreon:

Lord of The Rings - Aragorn and Arwen's Love Story

This is the first ever Elvish translation for Sleepsong!! Pretty useful right??

Can you guess the Disney Song? | Peter Hollens #shorts

How long did it take you to guess the song? comment with your guess time below! Join me on Patreon: #PHshorts...

Down To The River To Pray Hymn

Always a pleasure to sing alongside @The Hound + The Fox and @Evynne Hollens! Just dipping your feet in the water while singing makes a world of...

Layered Harmonies How I make my music | Peter Hollens #shorts

How do you like this new format of #shorts? Which song would you like to see me do next? I was inspired to cover this song written originally by...

Halo Theme - Acappella Style | Peter Hollens

The Halo games might be my favorite games EVER… I've been waiting to cover this song for 20 years!!

Aragorn’s Coronation - Lord of the Rings - Elvish Version EXTENDED

The Greatest Final Song of any trilogy EVER. THIS IS NOT CLICKBAIT. Join me on Patreon:

Real Life Orpheus and Eurydice - HADES Cover

It was such an honor to sing this song with the incredible @Malukah. Isn't this game's soundtrack the best? Join me on Patreon:...

Epic Bo Burnham INSIDE medley

Bo Burnham's INSIDE in Under 4 Minutes (Family Friendly) Join me on Patreon: This documentary really moved...


Official Song from my Wife’s New Musical!! What a hit! Don't you love these classic 80's vibes? Find out everything about my wife @Evynne Hollens...