Diving Comedy

My Mom Tries to Guess Celebrities

My mom is pretty old and doesn't know a ton of celebrities, so I put her celeb knowledge to the test with a game I call, "Guess that Celeb!"...


Follow your favorite vlogger as she shows you everyone's favorite pet! Written by: Kiri Case Cast: Kiri Case Scamp

Ella Enchanted DELETED SCENE!

Ella Enchanted must pay the ultimate price in these deleted scene from the iconic film. Written by McKay Fritz Starring McKay Fritz and Julia Lee

Pantomime Dance Battle

Pantomime dance moves get a little out of control. Written by McKay Fritz Cast: Becca Brennan Jason Mogle Brenna Felix McKay Fritz

Fashion Police

There's a reason BYU students are all so gorgeous. Written by Julianne Cook (Taken out of the DC vault for Julianne's final show) Cast: Julianne...

The One Where Everyone Dies

Amidst insults and family drama, the DC cast sits down for one final, fateful get together. Written by Julia Lee Cast: Kiri Case Jason Mogle...

Breaking the Fourth Wall

Kevin finds out his whole existence is for our amusement...and he is not amused. Written by Pierce Wilson Cast Pierce Wilson Jason Mogle Julia Lee

Extreme Warhead Tongue Twister!

The cast of DC tries to complete a difficult rhyming script as fast as they can without messing up. If they do mess up, the entire cast has to put...


This isn't your typical nightly news... Written by McKay Fritz Cast: Naomi Winders Julia Lee JP Winders Brenna Felix McKay Fritz Becca Hurley...

Fresh Prophet (PARODY of "Fresh Prince")

"Now this is a story all about how I Lehi led my family out of town." Written by Brenna Felix Cast: Jason Mogle Naomi Winders McKay Fritz...

The Sims Play SCRABBLE!

Your Sims happiness mood meter will always be filled when you watch Divine Comedy! Written by: Naomi Winders Cast: Jay Cook JP Winders Naomi...


Join Barb as she reviews all the fun foods you know and love with her lovable, quirky twist! Written by: Naomi Winders Cast: Naomi Winders