BYUSN Right Now - 1940’s & SEC

Ever wonder what things looked like for BYU Football in the '40s? Spoiler alert, we didn’t play Utah...kinda like this year. Guess the new season...

Brett McMurphy on BYUSN 7.13.20

Stadium Sports insider Brett McMurphy joins BYUSN to discuss the upcoming football season and the challenges it faces.

BYUSN Right Now - Big Ten & Big Changes

The Big Ten has made a big decision for fall sports, but what could this mean for BYU? And here at BYUSN Right Now we are all about showing our...

BYU Takes Down No. 15 Texas

A Texas sized upset in Provo as the Cougars take down the 15th ranked Longhorns. Behind a historic rushing night from Taysom Hill, this game...

Top 5 Tuesday - Hidden Gems on BYUSN 6.23.20

This week's Top 5 Tuesday presents the best games that don't get enough spotlight. We call it - "Hidden Gems".

Top 5 Tuesday - Independence Wins on BYUSN 6.30.20

This week's Top 5 Tuesday presents the best Football wins of Independence.

Brandon Doman on BYUSN 7.10.20

Brandon Doman joins the BYUSN 2001 Season Reviewables show to talk about learning a new offense under Gary Crowton, showing up to the hospital to...

Top 5 Tuesday - Best Calls on BYUSN 6.16.20

This week's Top 5 Tuesday brings you the Best Broadcast/Radio Calls in BYU sports history.

Top 5 Tuesday - Legendary Matchups on BYUSN 6.9.20

This week's Top 5 Tuesday presents the Best Legendary Matchups of all-time. Detmer vs Faulk; Jimmer vs Kawhi...which will be #1?

Top 5 Tuesday - Football Comebacks on BYUSN 7.7.20

This week's Top 5 Tuesday presents the Best Football Comebacks of all-time.

Reno Mahe on BYUSN 7.9.20

Former BYU player and coach Reno Mahe joins the show to talk the 2001 football season, having emergency surgery before the Utah game and winning a...

BYUSN Right Now - Boy Bands & Shadow Animals

There’s obviously a LOT of confusion about the upcoming fall sports season, but another big question is whether Isaiah Kaufusi is a.) putting on...