The Gospel in Action: Obedience Out of Love

Caden Lindquist teaches us how there are different reasons for being obedient to the Savior's commandments, but that the best obedience is...

The Gospel in Action: Nia's Transformation

The Gospel has a way of completely transforming us, creating something stronger, more beautiful, and helping us become more Christlike. For Nia,...

The Gospel in Action: Taking on His Image

Artist Brendan Clary talks about how we can the image of Christ upon us, and how it reflects in our countenance.

Stolen EFY Theme - Webisode 5/5 - FINALE

The B-Team has a meeting with the thief... will they be able to retrieve the stolen theme?

EFY 2014 Theme: Anxiously Engaged

EFY's theme for the 2014 year is Anxiously Engaged, from D&C 58:27 "Verily I say, men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many...

Stolen EFY Theme - Webisode 4/5

The B Team contacts the thief...

Stolen EFY Theme - Webisode 3/5

The B-Team has a break through in their investigation on the stolen EFY theme for next year.

Stolen EFY Theme - Webisode 2/5

The B-Team is recruited to help investigate the theft of the EFY theme and get it back.

Stolen EFY Theme - Webisode 1/5

EFY needs to keep their 2014 theme confidential. But something is lurking in the shadows (no, really).

EFY Our Creator's Cosmos - Elder Neal A. Maxwell

Elder Neal A. Maxwell invites listeners to consider words of ancient prophets juxtaposed with the baffling scope of the universe. As we consider...

EFY Video Contest

Come participate in the EFY Video Contest! We will be accepting submissions FEBRUARY 1, 2012. You can upload videos at www.efyvideocontest.com...

The Gospel in Action: A Safer Journey

EFY Counselor and avid mountain biker Dan Mortenson draws a comparison to the hazards of mountain biking and finding a safer journey by following...